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Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 306030 No.5127210 📁
Feb 11 2019 17:29:04 (EST)

Dd5W7hEVQAA8oJO.jpg ⬇ DjuLvI1VsAItD5H.jpg ⬇ DjsnjmeW0AAGXPH.jpg ⬇📁
Baker’s heads up on the Kendall call was sent to:
Then-Director James Comey; since fired;
Then-Associate Deputy Director David Bowdich, who later replaced Andrew McCabe as deputy director;
Michael Steinbach, the F.B.I.’s former executive assistant director for national security;
Then-Assistant Director of Counterintelligence E.W. Priestap, now retired;
James Rybicki, former chief of staff to Comey;
FBI intelligence analyst Jonathan Moffa;
Former Acting Assistant Director Jason V. Herring;
Michael Kortan, FBI assistant director for public affairs, now retired;
Former principal deputy general counsel Trisha Anderson;
Strzok and Page
Does the list above look familiar?
Re_read drops re: FBI ‘Midyear’ OIG ……. & review graphics.

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