Q Lexicon

[ ] or [] = kill box – specific area contained and surrounded.

4-10-20 = DJT (Donald J Trump)

187 = Penal Code for murder

5:5=Loud and Clear

ADR =Admiral Mike Rogers (NSA)
AR= Admiral Rogers
AF1 = Air Force One
AG = Attorney General
Alice in Wonderland = Q (per Q)
AM = Andrew McCabe
AS = Adam Schiff
AS = Antonin Scalia
AW = Anthony Weiner

BC= Bill Clinton
BDT = Bulk Data Transfer (as in NSA info from Hawaii to USA)
Black Forest = Germany (Rothschild’s estate)
BO = Barak Obama
BS = Bernie Sanders

Clowns In America =CIA
Clowns = CIA
CM = Cheryl Mills
CS = Chuck Schumer
CS = Chris Steele (British Spy, Dossier)

D or D’s = Democrats
DB = Donna Brazille
DC = Dick Cheney
DF= Diane Feinstein
DNI = Dir of Nat’l Intelligence (over the NSA)
Dopey = Prince Alaweed (bin Talal)
DWS = Debbie Wasserman Schultz

EH = Eric Holder
EM = Elon Musk (space X)
ES = Eric Schmidt
EAGLE = Bill Clinton (Fly-Eagle-fly)

GP = George Papadopoulos (connected w/Fusion GPs Dossier)
GS = George Soros

HA or HUMA = Huma Abedin
HEC = House Ethics Committee
HIC = House Intelligence Committee
HPSCI = House permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (same as above)
HK = Hong Kong
HC = Hillary Clinton
HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton
HR = Harry Reid
HW = Hollywood
Hussein = Obama
House of Saud = Royal Family Saudi Arabia

IG = Inspector General

JA= Julian Assange
Jack = Jack Dorsey (Twitter)
JB = Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
JB = John Brennan (former head of CIA)
JB = James Baker
JB = Jeb Bush
JB = Joe Biden
JC = James Comey (former head of FBI)
JC = James Clapper (former dir of nat’l intel)
JJ = Jeh Johnson (DHS)
JK = John Kerry
JK = Jared Kushner
JM= John McCain
JP = John Podesta
JS = Jeff Sessions
John M = John McCain (or) ‘One who shall not be named’ or “He who will not be named.”
JS = John Soloman (Good guy, reporter who was missing)

LL = Loretta Lynch
LP = Lisa Page (disgraced FBI attorney/ assoc with Peter Strzok)
LV = Las Vegas

MB = Muslim Brotherhood
MCT’s = Multiple Communication Transactions
ME = Middle East
MF = Michael Flynn
MI = Military Intelligence
ML = Martial Law
MG = Matt Gaetz, Rep
MP = Mike Pompeo (Rep Ex CIA)
MW = Maxine Waters
MZ = Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
NCTC = Nat’l Counter Terrorism Center
NG = National Guard
NK = North Korea
NP = Nancy Pelosi
NSA = Nat’l Security Agency
No Such Agency = NSA

OWL = Space based weapon (Orbiting Weapon Lancet) free falls from space ‘ZUMA’
Operation Mockingbird = CIA infiltration of mass media
One who shall not be named = McCain
OWN = Oprah Winfrey network

PT = Peter Theil
PM = Paul Manafort
PS = Peter Strzok (disgraced FBI agent)
Punchy = Robert De Niro

RC = Richard Cheney (Dick Cheney)
RE = Rahm Emanuel
R = Rothschilds
RBG= Ruth Bader Ginsburg
RM = Robby Mook (Clinton Election Team)
RM = Robert Mueller (fmr FBI head and Special Prosecutor)
RR = Rod Rosenstein

S = Schneiderman (Eric) NY Atty General
SA = Saudi Arabia
SC = Supreme Court
SH = Sean Henry (Crowdstrike)
SH = Steve Huffman (bleh CEO)
Snow White (CIA)
Snow White and the 7 Dwarves (CIA’s 7 major computers)
Soros = George Soros
SP=Samantha Power
SR = Susan Rice
SS = Secret Service

TDS = Trump Derangement Syndrome
TG = Trey Gowdy
TG = Tim Geitner

U1 = Uraniam 1 Deal

VPU1 and VPU2 = Satellite Mounted EMP devices
VJ = Valerie Jarrett

WW = World Wide
Wet Works = Murder/hit
WW = Wilkerson Walsh Law DC firm (O hired?)

Y = Sally Yates (acting attorney general fired by Trump)

3 families = House of Saud – Rothschild – Soros (The Triangle symbol)